We Are Different by Design

First it is important to understand how our brokerage Bullock Russell Real Estates Services generates revenue. Revenue to our Brokerage is generated solely through percentage splits from commissions that our agents earn in a real estate transaction. Bullock Russell Real Estate Services does not charge their agents monthly fees, E&O premiums, desk fees, copy fees, royalty fees, marketing fees, training fees, technology fees, or any of the other junk fee that are typical of the larger real estate company brands.

Why Is This Important to The Consumer

Unlike other companies that generate revenue by selling goods and services to its agents, Bullock Russell Real Estate Services’ success depends on its agents closing transactions and pleasing their clients. Therefore, Bullock Russell Real Estate Services’ business model is geared toward supporting its agents at every turn. Below is a summary of why a Bullock Russell Agent is the better choice.


A real estate transaction is complex. There are a multitude of issues that can arise and expertise is your best defense against problems in a sale or lease. At Bullock Russell Real Estate Services, the company employs experts to assist its agents in handling contract preparation, transaction management, marketing services, and market analysis. The agents don’t pay for this service, it’s provided to ensure the best customer service possible. Since the back-office support for a transaction is handled by the brokerage, Bullock Russell agents can spend more time networking and selling your property. As a result, Bullock Russell agents consistently outperform their competition in the markets they serve.

Superior Marketing

Estate Services has invested in its own off-site print house capable of producing some of the best marketing pieces you’ll find in the industry. Not to mention, our turnaround times range from 24-48 hours on all listings. For a more detailed look into our listing marketing plan click on the following link: HOW WE MARKET YOUR LISTING


There is a reason why Realtors® are one of the least trusted professions out there. At Bullock Russell we pride ourselves in breaking that perception. We always put our clients’ interests in front of our own. Furthermore, our agents go through continual training on ethics and are true professionals. This is why our business is dominated by past clients and referrals from past clients.